Manager, Software Engineering (Lovevery, Inc., Boise, ID)

Perform recruiting, hiring, and onboarding of new team members. Foster career development and performance management activities for team. Identify and implement process improvements to increase release velocity without compromising release quality. Actively participate in design, code and release readiness reviews. Write production level code that is deployed to production on a regular basis. Create high-quality web and mobile apps served to customers worldwide. Use strong communication skills (written and verbal) to partner with squad leaders from Product Management, UX Design, and QA to plan, test and deliver new features and functionality that delights customers. Design and deliver new product and platform features using tools such as XUnit and Selenium. Optimize existing features, own the frameworks and systems needed to deliver the product vision, roadmap, and strategy. Work closely with a product team consisting of a product manager, UX designer, and other developers. Define and establish development best practices and patterns through digital solutions. Write code considering security, testability, maintainability, scalability, and performance. Mentor and pair with mid-level and junior software engineers in order to develop their skills and understanding of the code, programming languages, and frameworks employed within the platform. Collaborate with teams through coaching, mentoring, and management support to build high performing teams with psychological safety and inclusivity. Establish software development best practices and streamline release planning process to drive iterative and rapid feature deployment working with teams across geographies. Position allows telecommuting from anywhere in the U.S. Salary: $195,000 - $267,000 per year.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree or U.S. equivalent in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, or a related field, plus 5 years of professional experience as a SW Engineer, Engineering Manager, or other occupation/position/job title involving software development.

Must also have experience in the following: 5 years of professional experience performing software development or engineering in an e-commerce business, digital community business, or consumer products business, and reviewing and approving technical designs and implementations, and leading delivery of product solutions and features using modern server-side frameworks; 3 years of professional experience utilizing test automation tools and frameworks including jest, react test library, Javascript, and React; 3 years of professional experience designing, building, testing, deploying, and supporting scalable web applications (including security, session management, and API integration) in a cloud-based environment (including AWS or GCP); 1 year of professional experience mentoring mid-level and junior software engineers to develop their skills and understanding of the code, programming languages, and frameworks; 1 year of professional experience collaborating with product, design and engineering teams; and 1 year of professional experience with Search Engine Optimization and A/B testing platforms (including Optimizely).

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